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XSign & XEnc Sales Letter


XSing & XEnc Increases Your Online IT Security


Dear Sir or Madam,

How would you like to improve the security of your business information? Read on! The information in this letter will help you immensely.


With a combination of XSign & XEnc encryption security software from Lizard Labs Software, you’ll be able to guarantee the security of your online documents.

  • XSign will let you create secure digital signatures on web-based documents and applications
  • XEnc will allow you to encrypt and decode online documentation in a secure format

And this security is all available for FREE!


If you think this sounds too good to be true, you aren’t alone. I did too, until I learned that XSign & XEnc were developed to IMPROVE business security processes. They don’t add more complexity to your information; they keep it more secure. This data encryption software is a must-have for all businesses.


By trying XSign & XEnc for free, you’ll experience first-hand the safety and security that Lizard Labs can provide. You’ll no longer have to worry about your digital signatures being stolen or your encrypted documents being seen.


You may ask how we can possibly do this all for free. Well, our goal is to help others in their business IT needs. And we believe in allowing people to “test drive” the software before they buy it. If you find XSign & XEnc as beneficial as we know you will, you can register your version for updated functionality and features!


With XSign & XEnc, your XML files and online information will be kept safe and secure. This encryption software will only serve to improve your business security and online information.


When you visit, you can download a trial of XSign & XEnc for free to try it out to improve your business security.


Remember, the trial is FREE, and you pay nothing unless you feel completely satisfied with the product.

We look forward to serving you!
Best regards,
Lizard Labs Software













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