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At Lizard Labs Software, we specialize in creating award-winning software for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Our diverse range of products includes top-tier system utilities and innovative components and libraries for software development. We focus on customer needs, ensuring our software excels in quality and usability. Explore our offerings and discover solutions that will streamline your work and enhance your productivity.

Log Parser Lizard GUI (most popular)

Log parser lizard Discover the power of Log Parser Lizard, a free and versatile utility for querying text-based data, such as log files and essential data sources, on Microsoft Windows systems.


Event Log Observer

Effectively monitor and analyze events in Microsoft Windows event logs with Event Log Observer. This advanced tool assists in tracking and analyzing security alerts, system issues, and other events, providing enhanced insight and management capabilities.


Log Parser Lizard version 8.7 now available for free.



Event Log Observer version 1.7 now available for free.




SSMS Lizard

A Plugin for SSMS

Enhance your Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio experience with SSMS Lizard, a powerful productivity extension.

Optimize Your SSMS Workflow

SSMS Lizard enriches SSMS with advanced features: sophisticated data grid displays, VB.Net code integration for queries, easy data printing and Excel exports...