Expert Tools for System and Data Analysis: Administrators and Developers


Log Parser Lizard GUI

Comprehensive Data Parsing and Analysis


Discover the full potential of Log Parser Lizard GUI, your go-to tool for versatile query access to text-based data. Seamlessly work with log files, XML, CSV, and key data sources on Windows OS, including event logs, IIS logs, and more. Perfect for administrators and developers.


Log Parser Lizard GUI enhances your data analysis with a user-friendly interface, efficient query management, and Excel export capabilities. With additional features like RegEx and log4net input filters, and support for SQL Server T-SQL queries, it's an essential tool for efficient data handling.




Log Parser Lizard

Event Log Observer

Enhanced Windows Event Log Insights


Enhance your Windows event log analysis with Event Log Observer. This powerful tool is designed for in-depth monitoring and analysis of security warnings, system issues, and other critical events in the Microsoft Windows operating system, offering unparalleled insight.






Essential Microsoft SQL Server Utilities


SSMS Lizard

Maximize Your SSMS Productivity


SSMS Lizard, a crucial extension for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, delivers an enhanced user experience. Streamline your SSMS workflow with features like advanced data grids, Visual Basic .Net code integration, and improved data printing and exporting capabilities.