XML digital signature component for web application.

Sign XML documents on client side using X509 certificates from Windows Store, USB token or smart card

Introduction to XSignComponent2
a client side, XML digital signature component for Web applications



Lizard Labs Software offers this great professional security software components to protect the security of your online business information. XSignComponent2 is encryption software components that bring strong security to your data and applications. You can use it to sign XML documents on the client side using X509 certificates in just few lines of code. The signed XML documents are portable to any environment that supports W3C XML Signature standards.

This component provide powerful data encryption software benefits, such as:


Ensuring Integrity: XSignComponent2 can sign XML documents using user’s private key securely stored on client PC in Windows X.509 Certificate Store, USB token or smart card. Unauthorized changes in the signed document will be detected by the receiver. If it is used for authentication, it offers a much stronger security and proof of possession than other methods such as one time password (OTP) authentications.


The component encompass the complexity of XML signature process into a very simple interface. As we demonstrate in our samples included in the demo version, it takes tiny programming effort to add strong security into your Web applications.


The most common application areas for these components are intranet and Internet based applications. The digital signature is created by the user in a web browser and the signature is verified on a web server. Since the XML signature is based on W3C XML Signature standard it can be verified on a web server implemented in Microsoft .Net, Java, C/C++, or nay platform that has libraries to verify W3C XML signatures.


  1. XSignComponent2 now supports by default SHA-1 but also SHA-2 set of cryptographic hash functions including SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 which are considered as security standard.
  2. Signing XML documents using established standards: according to W3C XML cryptography standards using X.509 Certificates.
  3. Available as standalone component can be used with web based applications, desktop applications and scripting environments such as JavaScript and VB script.
  4. Browse independent. Works with major including, but not limited to, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Compatible with Microsoft.Net, ASP.Net and many other XML encryption, decryption and signature verification libraries.
  6. Implemented on the Windows platform and uses Microsoft’s standard API for cryptographic functions and XML processing.
  7. Stand alone installation. No need for MS XML, CAPICOM, Java RT libraries.
  8. Implements the XML digital signature standard of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  9. Full support of Unicode characters.
  10. Support for user certificate store to find X509 certificates, meaning that all devices including installed certificates on your computer, smart cards, and USB tokens, can be used to sign the XML document.
  11. For unlimited license holders can be customized to match your brand colors and logo
  12. Easy to use, yet powerful

About the free trial version


The free trial/demo version includes everything the registered version does, except the license rights to distribute applications you create that use the component.

That means you get the complete documentation, code examples and sample applications with fully commented source code.


The free trial version is intended to allow you to design code and test applications that use XSignComponent2 for 30 days. The 30-day trial period begins when you first install the component on your development system. Only registered users are permitted to distribute applications that use the library outside their test or development environments.


When you decide that you will use the component it in your projects, all you have to do after purchasing a registered copy of the product is to uninstall trials and install registered versions of the components.


Only registered users are licensed to deploy or distribute applications that use XSignComponent2 components.  Please write us on office@lizard-labs.com for pricing information. There are two licensing models. There is no difference in functionality in any of these models, only in terms of use.


Licensing Options

To accommodate the needs of everyone, from single web developers to worldwide enterprises, we offer two basic licensing models: Single Server License and Unlimited Server License.


If you have many developers that will develop software products using XSignComponent2 or in the future you are planning a web project, you may consider purchasing Server License or Unlimited Servers License. If you are selling web based software to a different organization, they will also have to purchase Server or Unlimited Server License separately from your license that you have used to develop the software. Unlimited server license is suitable mostly for large sites, hosted on many servers (or clustered environment) or for a multiple applications hosted on different servers. Deployment of redistributable files pf XSignComponent2 to the client machines (end users of your developed products) is free of royalties in all both cases. We will not distribute the component for you but you can put a download link for your users on your web site. Please note that we are unable and we won't provide any support to your end users including, technical support, installation support, bug tracking, debugging, patching, usage tracking or any other end user support. As for your product, you will have to organize all technical support for your end users for XSignComponent2 too.


We are recommending the Unlimited Server License, as it has the most features and you will be on Lizard Labs Software special customers list. This list will give you limited technical support and notifications for discounts on future updates to our products but more interesting is that with this license you can request changes in text and logo in the component window to match your brand.


DEMO and sample pages


To see haw XSignComponetn2 works please download demo installer, install the package. You can the installation folder to see distributable files and a sample application in C#. Also check the source code of the sample web page to see the JavaScript code. The installer package was Tested thoroughly on VirusTotal and was found completely clean.






We are also working on similar components for XML encryption and for PDF digital signatures on client side. We hope we will release these soon if there is enough interest/customers for such software.



Stay secure!